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Thanks to our years of experience as a customs agent, and our highly trained staff, we have the necessary specialist knowledge to provide an answer to all your questions relating to customs matters.

We will be glad to help you in setting up the relevant customs procedures tailor-made for your business, such as: bonded warehouses, inward/outward processing relief, temporary importation, importation under the end-use relief regulation, ...

Thorough screening of your business activities from the customs legislation viewpoint can lead to considerable cost savings for your business. For example, it can avoid the need to pay import duties or cut them substantially, and you can also avoid severe customs penalties.

Via an extensive communication network and custom software solutions, we guarantee efficient customs clearance of your goods via the following systems:

  • PLDA (Paperless Douane & Accijnzen - Paperless Customs & Excise) connected to the ECS (Exit Control System)
  • NCTS (New Computerized Transit System)

So we can quickly and efficiently generate all the customs documents required electronically:
  • Import documents: IMA / EUA / CO A
  • Export documents: EXA / EUA / CO A + T2LF / T2L
  • Transit documents: T1 / T2
  • TIR Carnet (incl. NCTS TIR)

By making the customs documents electronically available, we can ensure that the customs documents are printed out at your location. So your haulier no longer has to visit a customs office when importing and/or exporting your shipments. This saves on your transport costs, because you eliminate waiting times and multistops!

As the customer, you will be kept constantly informed of the status of your export declarations by means of built-in reporting systems, so that you will not have any unpleasant surprises during VAT inspections.

If you want to import goods via Belgium in order to be able to deliver them directly to customers in Belgium and abroad, but you don't have a Belgian VAT number, then we will act for you as a liable representative.

We handle your tax obligations such as VAT and Intrastat returns, Intra-community return & VAT listing.

For your import/export and intra-Community acquisitions/supplies of excise goods, we will devise the optimal procedures with you, and handle the relevant documents and administrative obligations.

We are directly connected via custom software to the EMCS (Excise Movement and Control System) and excise documents are sent digitally. Correct completion of these movements can also be tracked and reported.

In international trade, goods are regularly sold on. If the place of lading should not be apparent to the consignee, we can neutralise the relevant documents for you to prevent this becoming known.

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